Granny's Revenge Mix

$ 7.50 USD

Made from a mix of hottest peppers including the scorpion.

Net wt. .80 oz.

Estimated Scoville units 900,000


You must use extreme caution when using this mix. Do not get this mix on you. If you do get mix on you do not touch sensitive parts of your body like your eyes,face or other sensitive parts of your body. If you ignore this warning you will be sorry! if mix gets on skin wash affected area with soap and warm water. If mix gets in eyes flush eyes with water until pain stops. wash hands with soap and warm water after use. I understand that it is my responsibility for any ill affects from eating this mix. I will not use this mix for anything other than it's intended use for cooking. I will not eat this mix without mixing it with something else to dilute mix. I release Peppery Pete's Pepepers from any reactions and damages that might occur from eating this mix.

Truly intense flavor with burning hot heat!